About Us


We begin with your natural movement and positioning, then analyze the findings to develop a step-by-step plan to fundamentally increase your speed and explosiveness.

With sound coaching techniques and philosophy we introduce exercises and drills to enhance and improve your biomechanical movement that translates into positive results. Every plan is tailor-made to fit you.




How much power do you want?

Power is what pushes you past the rest of the pack.

Let's analyze the power exercises you currently perform. Are they working? Could they be better?

Based on your specific sport and goal, we fine-tune those exercises and introduce new power-related drills using weight-lifting techniques that Olympians employ in their training.

We are always mindful that every analysis is individualized to the requirements of your needs and goals.



Easier said than done when the pressure builds and your energy is fading. Drills and exercise only do so much.


We strive to elevate the athlete's mind to its optimal level in order to reach the Elite Mind-Set. The Elite-Mind Set is the ability to push yourself in training, reach new heights and maintain those peak levels during the performance.


Learn to block out the negatives and the peripherals, and start learning to be the best you can be. Learn to soar higher than you ever imagined.​